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Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction treatment in Jaipur

I feel sexually and physically weak because I have lost excess semen by masturbation. This is one complaint many males have all over the world & seek consultation with a physician to improve sexual strength. It is as common as common cold. People feel weakness after masturbation due to many myths. The possible reasons are as follows-

Semen is thought to be a must for the vigour and vitality of body. It is sermonized that loss of excess semen results in sheen less face and such people can be recognized from a distance. They need to take measures to increase sex power.

Fact – Semen is a normal body fluid like tears, saliva etc. Similar to these two, it has a job to do (to propagate the human race). It has nothing to do with vigour or vitality. Sheen on face comes from inner happiness and satisfaction, not by preserving semen.

Loss of excess semen causes inability to father a child.

Fact – You need a minimum of 20 million active sperms per ml. of semen to father a child. Seminal fluid is manufactured in prostate and seminal vesicles and not testis where sperms are made. Sperms are continuously made in testis and stored in epididymus. After discharge of mature sperms during masturbation/sex, they are replaced by the next lot of sperms immediately.This process goes on and on forever so you can discharge as many sperms as you wish, there is never going to be deficiency. Hence maintains and increases sexual stamina.

Masturbation is a Sin. Those who practice it are weak.

Fact – Man is expected to observe Brahmacharya (Celibacy) till a certain age. Inability to conform to it produces guilt. Desire for sex is produced in the Medial Preoptic Area of brain and depends on the level of hormone, Testosterone. With the onset of adolescence, testosterone starts to rise so does the sexual desire but there is no ready source available for releasing the sexual tension.

In such a situation, masturbation is the only safe, cost effective and ever available mode. Also, few people think it as a way to improve sex power. Even married people practice masturbation as an additional way of enjoyment while doing sexual intercourse. When their partner is not available for sex as during menstruation, illness or absence, this is a handy way for immediate gratification. Nature has equipped human beings with sex to procreate (propagation of species) and recreate (for gratification of a natural urge). Masturbation can not be a sin. This is done to satisfy a natural urge in total privacy, without harming anyone. If this is not done and no consenting partner is available, it might lead to sexual violence.

Shine on the face comes from inner happiness & good general health. Had it been related with seminal fluid loss, all married males would look horrible!!