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How to straighten bent Penis

People have lots of worries about the size and shape of penis. They wish to have a long thick penis which is straight . This is not needed and no one has perfectly straight penis. Myths about size have been discussed else where . We will talk about the curve right now 

Curve or bend can be from the middle of penis , base or top of penis .

The one at the top is curved downward or upward . Usually the opening of urethra ( urinary opening) is also displaced down or up . This is called hypospadias ( if the urinary opening is present at a place below the normal ) and epispadias If present in a place above the normal .

The curve of penis is called Chordae. The patient generally soils the cloths while passing urine . People find difficulty in penetration of vagina because of bend and short size. There can be non Consummation of marriage if it is not treated by surgery before marriage. 

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Another situation when people develop curve more than 15degree is Peyronie’s Disease. This is inflammation of the sheath ( named Tunica Albugenia )covering Corpora Cavernosa ( The upper two cylinders responsible for erection of penis ) , when it will be painful on erection.

Slowly pain will subside and and penis will start bending in one direction -up ,down or sideways. He will also complain of short penis , loss of desire and ED. This can be treated by medicine initially but surgery is needed if straightening is needed . 

Curve from the middle is normal up to 15 degree or if the person can enter vagina to complete the act of intercourse successfully, it is normal. It can be bent to any thing up to 120 degrees so sex and urine passing becomes very difficult. It is present since birth . This can be treated by surgery . 

Pointing of penis to right or left is normal so need no treatment. It is perfectly fine if you can enter vagina and have sex satisfactorily.

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