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The study of human sexual life and relationships fall under the branch of Sexology.

Sexology is an immensely important field of study since there are a number of people who are suffering from sex-related problems and are seeking answers for the same. Doctors who’re trained in this field guide their patients and treat them for any sex related problems, ensuring best possible results.

Everyday there are people who choose not to open up due to stigma attached to sex problems. No body talks about sex-  the parents, teachers or other significant persons . The only one's to talk are friends who are in the same boat . have similar misconceptions and anxiety. so the problem  becomes a huge matter of concern lateron. The idea of Vivan Hospital therefore is to extend a helping hand to the patients, provide a platform where they meet friends who accept them without judging , help them discuss and get over the problems that surround their sex life. 

Sexology covers a number of problems and the ones that are covered and treated in Vivan Hospital include many problems like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction,delayed and absent ejaculattion, reduced or increased sex desire ,absent orgasm, pain during sex or erection, bent penis,etcetra




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