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Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Like good health and youth, most people take their hair locks for granted, usually till the time when there happens to be a noticeable change in hair; there’s more hair fall and less hair growth, forcing one to think “What next?”

However, the one thing that can come to your rescue for this terrible hair condition is Hair Transplantation, a surgical hair restoration technique that works essentially by extracting hair from a section of your head that has a better hair growth compared to the other section, and planting that hair on the balding area. The minimally invasive procedure of hair transplantation, the grafts containing hair follicles that are generally resistant to balding and are transplanted to the bald scalp. On a brighter side, the technique can be used to restore eyelashes, eyebrow, chest hair and beard hair; thus promising a lot of bald people better hair days.

The entire procedure of hair transplantation is immensely technical and only trained & experienced doctors are permitted to do it. At Vivan Hospital, we ensure that every aspect of hair growth and baldness is checked, before persuading the patient to opt for hair transplantation. We understand your expectations and make sure that only our highest trained doctors do it on you. Everything that is done by us is done in perfect medical conditions, right from the hair wash to applying the antibacterial solution and the entire process is carried out in a special operation theater.

We recommend our patients do exactly as we prescribe for best results after hair transplantation has been done. It is best to wash your hair two days after the process to avoid the formation of scab around the operated area of the scalp and cover your head every time you go out in the sun, doing this will heal the operated area quickly and you will be able to see hair formation withing the first two-three months of the operation.

Vivan Hospital endeavors to provide all medical facilities under one roof and hair transplantation is just one part of this mission. No longer do you have to worry about hair fall and balding, because Vivan Hospital has appointed its best doctors to treat you.