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lip surgery lip augmentation

lip surgery & lip augmentation

Do you wish to have a plumper pout because every time you click a selfie with your friends you feel your thin lips don’t make your face look visually appealing? If this has been your forever concern, then the best treatment to opt is Lip Augmentation.

Lip Augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure that aims to improve the appearance of the lips by increasing their fullness through enlargement. The process involves the use of fillers and is carried out by doctors who’re trained to perform this cosmetic surgery.

At Vivan, we help you understand the procedure and any side effects (if any) so that you can still decide if you would like to go for the lip augmentation procedure or not. The cosmetic surgeons make sure you’re given the best treatment during the surgery and any assistance you require once it is done. Also, if you’re looking for someone to assist you online with the procedure before you can actually get it done, then the doctors of Vivan Hospital can guide you with the process and help you understand the process that’s involved in the surgery.

We understand and believe that aesthetically beautiful lips act as your confidence booster and you do not have to hesitate taking pictures with your friends with plumper lips. Also, we, at Vivan ensure privacy during and after the surgery understanding that not many of you would like to open up about it.