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My semen is thin

My semen is thin

There is a common belief held by a large number of young males, generally before marriage that thin semen is associated with reduced ability to father a child and to satisfy a female.

This is totally baseless and unscientific.

The truth is that there is no objective method of measuring thickness or thinness of semen.

Ability to father a child depends upon the number and motility of sperms and female is satisfied by your loving and caring method of lovemaking. The ultimate satisfaction after love making is the ORGASM which is felt in the head between your ears, not between two legs.

People who are unable to ejaculate may also satisfy a female nicely. Sensations for orgasm are initiated in the outer third of vagina, G Spot, Clitoris and other sensual points of body. Whether the semen is thick, thin, more or less it will not affect the satisfaction level of females.