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Not able to have sex after marriage

Not able to have sex after marriage

A boy of 22 in my neighborhood village is engaged to a girl of 19. The elders have fixed the relationship after satisfying themselves, never asking the couple what they wanted.

The biggest and the only qualification the boy had was his share of 3 Kilas (Acres) of land he would inherit from his father. Everyone  was thrilled  but the boy was very very nervous and was forced (almost) to have some pegs of desi liquor to be able to face his wife better in the bed "Everyone in his friend circle had a lot of advice to give  how he could have sex on the first night all night."

Others had advices to offer on how to get the cat killed on first night and had sexual intercourse, or impress the girl with a macho performance. The boy had attempted it once before with the neighbor’s aunty but it was a miserable as it could get . He had no erection. The boy was totally confused, went to chemist and purchased impressively packaged tablets.

The girl was very very scared. She had heard that it is very painful and bloody the first time. She also had a secret, never shared. Her chachu had repeatedly molested her since 8 years age. She was reminded of the same scenario and expected the same. When the boy was left alone with girl the next time, he didn’t know what to do. But still, using common sense, undressed the girl and himself. He had a nice hard erection.

Fore play?? What is it?? Sorry!!! Actually there was no time for it. The girl was on her back, boy took the position, girl was scared to her wits end and the boy pushed it in!! Ouch!!!! There was no hole but resistance of a wall. Tried further, girl was feeling she was going to be crucified and expected pain of worst kind. Few more tries but no success.

The poor dick had no place to move in and he was unable to have sex after marriage. Boy was wondering what is going on. He had seen in a porn movie that the male was really moving in and out like a well oiled machine but here, it was not going in. Mean time, his organ wanted to take rest and went to limp state. It was horrifying to the boy not to have intercourse on his .first night.

Am I impotent? What will happen now?

He had fast heartbeat, tremors, dryness of mouth and tingling in hands and feet. Few drops of sweat had already appeared on forehead, expecting the worse to follow. They tried 2-3 times during night but the result was getting worse.


Impotance – Inability to get erection due to physical or psychological reason or inability to maintain erection sufficiently long enough to perform sex.

Orientation – If sexual orientation is not heterosexual but homosexual, the presence of a partner of opposite sex may not be arousing.

Stress of marriage or myths regarding sex after marriage.