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Passing semen with urine

Passing semen with urine

Dhat is expulsion of whitish solid material with urine or excretion of watery mucoid fluid spontaneously when one gets sexual excitement. It results in undergarments getting moistened.

It is misinterpreted as semen loss. It is found both in males and females, especially before marriage or when one abstains from sexual activity for a long duration. It decreases with age. The person feels quite anxious, depressed, devoid of energy and loss of sexual potency.

Because of the belief that semen is the source of strength and manhood that has been lost, the man starts believing that he is not capable of satisfying a female.

This result in disastrous consequences because the boy starts avoiding marriage proposals creating problems for the family. This belief is reinforced by the information available in print media in the form of advertisements by quacks who put forward the theory that 100 drops of blood form one drop of semen.

This is the most common problem in the youth today.