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Reduced desire for sex

Reduced desire for sex

Frigidity or Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) means reduced or absent sexual fantasies or desire to engage in sexual behavior and should be associated with significant distress in self or the partner OR cause interpersonal difficulties.

It can be of lifelong (if present since beginning as due to some genetic factor, the desire centre in brain is working less) or acquired where the desire goes down after being normal for some time. It can be generalized where the lack of desire is for general or situational where it can be for the current partner only.


Depressive Disorder (most common)
Drug induced – Some drugs of abuse like alcohol, tobacco or medicines like SSRI, antiemetics.
Hormonal – Raised prolactin level like in tumors of brain esp. Prolactinoma during lactaion (breast feeding), reduced testosterone levels.
Dysperiunia – If sex involves pain and discomfort to either partner eg. due to reduced lubrication, or inflammation of vagina.
Dislike for partner – Due to foul smell from mouth or genitals, poor hygiene, poor technique, demand for something not acceptable to one (like anal sex,oral sex, other ways of pleasure which the other partner finds disgusting), excessive voilence in love making, the female stops taking care of herself smelling of baby urine or potty or kitchen, she is untidy etc.
Interpersonal Difficulties – There is a suspicion of extra marital relationship, poor comminication, one partner is too domonant, sex is only to perform as marital duty or not to disappoint the other partner, this can be a serious marital concern and may lead to marital discord or divorce.

Psychological Conditioning – Believed to have learnt to ejaculate fast while having sex before marriage in a dhani of agriculture field or in girls house as there was a risk of being seen.
Anxiety due to any reason, especially fear of not satisfying partner, fear of losing hardness, suffering from anxiety disorder.
Infection of urinary tract especially prostate.

Learning control of ejaculation under guidance of a qualified sexologist. For temporary relief some medicines like Dapoxetine 30 mg 3-4 hours before sex, Tab Paroxetine 20 mg before sex or Clomipramine 25 may be tried.