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Director Vivan

Dr. Saatiish Jhuntrraa & Dr. Viniita Jhuntrraa


India is a land of Kamasutra where love and joy have been an integral part of daily life. We have been the world leaders in teaching the intricacies of love making since the time of Vatsyayana about 18 centuries back. Kamasutra is still the epic treatise of love making, still relevant in modern society, despite the monumental progress of science and technology. Sex was never an ugly word in our society but years of occupation by invaders has reduced it to the realm of untouchable subjects, adding misconceptions and taboo to this beautiful facet of human existence. The result has been rising morbidity in people, especially the youngsters due to fear of failures giving rise to stress, poor frustration tolerance, rising incidence of STD, teenage pregnancy, sexual crimes, marital discord, sex abuse and suicides.

It is estimated that around 250 million people have sexual dysfunction in our country and I am sure, it is only the tip of iceberg. Actually the number is very big because people don’t talk on this issue. Parents have no time to talk to their kids nor do they feel comfortable while answering such questions. Teachers feel over burdened with the academic syllabi. There are very few qualified sexologists in our country. There is no healthcare infrastructure in the subject of sexual medicine. General Physicians and other medical specialists are not oriented to sexual health issues so the result is person suffering from these problems have no other option but to go to a quack and get exploited easily.

So we have taken this initiative to start a multispeciality sexual health hospital in Jaipur. Sexual Health is a multidisciplinary branch of medicine where the cause of sexual dysfunction can be psychological, endocrinal, by birth, gynecological, urological, cosmatological or psychiatric. So such problems are best handled by a team of doctors. We have a dedicated team of specialists having wide experience in their fields, backed by state of the art best and latest methods of investigation and treatment facilities. We have tried to make a beginning, your blessings and support can make it successful.