It is a modern, state of the art ISO 9001-2008 certified Superspeciality Hospital devoted to sexual health. Situated in the heart of Jaipur City, it is spread over 7800 sq feet having 3 floors. It houses a conference hall, a separate floor for surgery with modular OT, semiprivate and deluxe rooms, serene waiting ,ample parking area, backup for electricity failure, laboratory and most modern gadgets for diagnosis of sexual health problems like NPT, CASA, Psychological evaluation by computer, vascular study to estimate penile blood flow and assessment of neuronal causes.

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  • I had difficulty in ejaculation and no feelings for sex. I had serious doubts so was avoiding marriage Dr Saatiish treated me and now am happily married for 3 months

    -Vijay ,28, Bijnour
  • Our married life was shattered because we had no sex for the last 2 years . We had frequently fights. I had a lot of pressures in office. Even we were sleeping in different rooms.

    -Chandra Shekhar ,38, Bangalore

Questions Answered By Dr. Saatiish/Viniita Jhuntrraa

  • Question :
     Please guide me how much time is needed to satisfy a female?

    Time spent in vagina before ejaculation is called Intravaginal Ejaculatory Latency Time.( IELT) .  Less than 1 minute  is pre mature ejaculation . but it should be associated with distress to one or both partners. It may vary a lot from person to person  so satisfaction with the pleasure is the key

  • Question :
    Doctor, I am 52 year businessman. I have problem of ED for last 6 years. I have diabetes which is not well controlled because I am fond of sweets. Initially I used to have pain in penis  when I tried sex

    Yoy have a disease called Peyronie's Disease. It is more common in people with diabetes . Initially you seem to have the active phase when erection resulted in pain . Later pain has disappeared but the ED and curve is continuing to change. It is a serious problem . I suggest you to consult endocrinologist for strict control of diabetes . You should consult in hospital for detailed evaluation. The bend may change or remain same . Take a picture from above and side when it is erect so that a decision can be made whether the curve is stable or changing . It can be helped so don't worry

  • Question :
    Hello I have heard that Pre mature Ejaculation can be treated by surgery . Is it true?

    Yes, it is true. People having Premature ejaculation since the time of first sexual intercourse have over sensitive penis . They can be treated by a procedure called Frenulotomy. It means the small area of penile skin attached with the lower glans is removed . 

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