It is a modern, state of the art ISO 9001-2008 certified Superspeciality Hospital devoted to sexual health. Situated in the heart of Jaipur City, it is spread over 7800 sq feet having 3 floors. It houses a conference hall, a separate floor for surgery with modular OT, semiprivate and deluxe rooms, serene waiting ,ample parking area, backup for electricity failure, laboratory and most modern gadgets for diagnosis of sexual health problems like NPT, CASA, Psychological evaluation by computer, vascular study to estimate penile blood flow and assessment of neuronal causes.

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  • I had ED problem for 10 years. Took treatment from many places but no benefit . Dr Saatiish is a very good doctor . He conducted some tests and treated me for 3 months. I am feelin

    -Silvaraj ,56, Madras
  • I was very depressed due to my small sized penis. I had 3 girl friends who left me , taunted for small penis. I approached Dr Jhuntrraa. I have undergone surgery at vivan hospital.

    -Kamlesh ,29, Kanpur

Questions Answered By Dr. Saatiish/Viniita Jhuntrraa

  • Question :
    Hello I have heard that Pre mature Ejaculation can be treated by surgery . Is it true?

    Yes, it is true. People having Premature ejaculation since the time of first sexual intercourse have over sensitive penis . They can be treated by a procedure called Frenulotomy. It means the small area of penile skin attached with the lower glans is removed . 

  • Question :
     I am 27 years old, engineer from Tamil Nadu.I have a girl friend for the last 4 years . She has proposed and made advances for having sex but I always avoid . The reason is  I am suffering from Pre

     You have severe premature ejaculation ( life long type) There is very good treatment available. the problem is basically due to reduced levels of serotonin in the ejaculatory centre present in spinal cord. Many people have highly sensitive penis as well. Failures cause anxiety, depleting serotonin further. You need to check the serum testosterone (total),SHBG and serum Albumin levels to find the level of free testosterone . We can increase the level by SSRI medicines . These medicines with appropriate life style changes can be very helpful. You can also try  a local anaesthetic spray or the sensitivity can be reduced by surgery . Please send the report of the tests to let me advice you further

  • Question :
    i need urgent help im married and its been almost 5 months and i have very bad phobia of intercourse im super scared of pain and unable to do please help have applied ky jelly also but all in pain is there an

    Hello I think you are having severe vaginismus due to fear of pain. There is involuntary spasm of vaginal opening so that penetration becomes impossible. . This can be treated by graduated psychotherapy where the fear is treated and intimacy encouraged. there are other options like local anaesthetics but the results are b=best with psychotherapy. We combine psychtherapy with Local anesthesia and progressive vaginal dilation The results are very very good

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