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Vivan super speciality hospital has a modern state of the art and ISO 9001-2008 certified, it is known for being the best hospital for sexual problems. The area of the hospital is spread around 7800 sq ft with a 3 storey building, having separate floors for surgeries with advanced OT equipment, and a laboratory with all the modern machines for diagnosing different sexual problems. We have deluxe and semi-private rooms, a quiet waiting area, electricity backup, and computerized systems which helps the doctors to study vascular penile blood flow and assess neuronal causes related to sexual diseases.

Dr Saatish Jhuntrraa, Dr Saatish Jhuntrraa, CEO & Director of Vivan hospital is nationally recognized and the best sexologist in Jaipur having more than 34 years of experience in intensive practice. During this period he has treated around 50,000 patients, and in the last few years, he provided online consultation to more than 30000 patients. Dr Vinita Jhuntrraa is an experienced and reputed sexologist and gynaecologist, she has 28 years of experience in treating various female sexual diseases and counts among the well-known female sexologist in Jaipur.

Patient Testimonials

I had difficulty in ejaculation and no feelings for sex. I had serious doubts so was avoiding marriage Dr Saatiish treated me and now am happily married for 3 months.


“Our married life was shattered because we had no sex for the last 2 years . We had frequently fights. I had a lot of pressures in office. Even we were sleeping in different rooms. Dr Saatiish treated me and I was feeling much better after 2 weeks. Now we have sex every other day, we are so happy and it is the beginning of new life . I can’t express my gratitude to vivan hospital . God bless Dr Saatiish.”

Chandra Shekhar

I had ED problem for 10 years. Took treatment from many places but no benefit . Dr Saatiish is a very good doctor . He conducted some tests and treated me for 3 months. I am feeling much better now . Thanks Dr Saatiish


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